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I was browsing the Internet looking for a store where I can
find a good pool float. My hubby came over and asked me what I am doing. I told him that. I am looking for a pool float to bring to the beach
because as much as I enjoy strutting my sexy Weasels in the sand, I also enjoy wearing it in the water. He took over the computer and before I
know it, we got an inflatable boat. I didn’t expect that a pool float can be this big and it includes motor, haha. I noticed that people had an excuse
to check me out pretending that they are checking out the boat while I was inflating it, haha! I also learned that it is so much easier to go to soooo
many secluded area with the inflated boat. So… if your wife/gf is shy and you are just introducing her to WW, I recommend to get an inflatable boat :)