Wallets and tipping

Microminimus maintains an internal currency called Wallet Credit.

Wallet Credit is used by Members and used to tip their favorite Contributors. Prizes for winning competitions are also credited to the Contributor’s “Tip Jar”
Some Contributors have received hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of tips from Microminimus Members & Staff and use their Tips to purchase new items from the Wicked Weasel store.

Members can purchase Wallet Credit and review their transaction history and check their Tip Jar & Wallet balances in the Bank (in the Dashboard menu).
Purchases over $250 of Wallet Credit in a calendar year will extend Microminimus Membership for an additional 12 months.

How to qualify for a Tip Jar

Microminimus Contributors must meet certain criteria to qualify for a Tip Jar, allowing them to receive Tips from Members:

Minimum of 3 Recommended Galleries published and 0 “Not Recommended” galleries.

Most recent Recommended Gallery is not more than 6 months old.


You can hold a maximum of $500 in your Tip account.

Tips and Wallet credits are valid for 12 months from your last transaction.

Tips are only redeemable via wickedweasel.com.

Gift Vouchers cannot be purchased with Tips.

Tips are not redeemable for cash.

Wallet Credit may be transferred to your own Tip Jar to make purchases in the WW Store.

Wallet credit purchases are non-refundable.